Launching systems@work Cloud

We’re launching a new way of using and selling time@work, expense@work and forms@work.

Cloud Solutions – Convenience without Compromise

 Starting with Just Timesheets we’re offering pre-configured, modifiable solutions, together with step-by-step video tutorials that guide the system administrator through the process of set up and data import for live use.

 Free for the first month, the service is priced by number of modules and number of users, with all details published on our website.

If our pre-configured (Ready to Go) solutions don’t fully meet our customers’ needs then we’ll provide consulting at an hourly fee rate to Tweak them into shape. For some organisations consulting will never be needed, whilst for others it’s available as required. Ten percent of paid software fee value is credited against consulting fees.

Meanwhile, take a look at Just Timesheets and tell us what you think.

Additional Read-to-Go configurations coming soon:  

*             Timesheets & Expenses

*             Timesheets, Expenses & Billing

*             Timesheets & Expenses for Oil & Gas

*             Just Expenses

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