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Improved Exports, Banking Functionality & Security Enhancements

Today we are announcing the release of systems@work Version 7.0.5 for Infor SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Business Central, SAP, Coda, Workday and NetSuite. A new Version 7 App is also available on the Apple & Google App Stores to support this release.

Version 7.0.5 provides a number of enhancements which build on the major functionality changes announced in earlier version 7.0 announcements.

Enhancements To The Core Application

  • An additional 15 Export Sequences have been added.

  • 5 additional company Bank Accounts added.

  • Improvements to Posting & Validation error handling in PSW.

  • We have added an option to remove the whole tab in Selection Criteria.

  • Improvements to the visual appearance of the toggle-switch button, checkbox and input fields/combo selection.

  • We have changed the sidebar menu icons from .svg files to Bootstrap icons.

  • We have Introduced language culture for Profile Manager login screen.

  • Improvements to automatic log off after inactivity.

  • There is a new DownloadExportedFile method to add for download of .pdf files.

  • We have introduced a new ExportLedgerDataWithSubreports method allowing the use of Subreports in Ledger Export called via web service.

  • There are changes to the display of tooltips for the navigation menu when collapsed.

  • We have replaced the Havit hx-tag default icon with circle-fill icon.


Bug Fixes

This version also contains a number of enhancements as well as bug corrections (details of which are in the Release Notes on the Customer Web):

How to Get Started

To learn about migrating to Version 7 (either as an On Premise or Cloud deployment) please contact the systems@work Team. 

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    systems@work AI Man
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