systems@work Version 6.1.2

time@work, expense@work and forms@work Version 6.1.2 are now available on the Customer Web.

Version 6.1.2 contains the following enhancements:

  • Optionally a clock may be invoked from a timesheet so that you can keep track of the time you’re spending on a Project Task and Activity.
  • You may now use Routing Rules to route a timesheet or form based on an activity analysis role. For example, if you have specified that Cost Centre is a header analysis field on a form, you may route a form to the appropriate cost-centre manager based on the cost centre chosen. The routing algorithm takes account of the activity analysis value on the first row of the form (when an activity analysis value is specified at header level, the same value is present on every row).
  • Options to sort and filter have been added to the Selectable Routing grid (where you specify to whom a timesheet or form will next be sent for authorisation or review)
  • You may now specify that a specific Transmission Text will be sent for all Routing steps in the absence of Transmission Text for a particular step. This means you no longer have to set up identical Transmission Text for each step.
  • Single sign-on will now support Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS)
  • The performance of approval evaluation at login and in other contexts has been greatly improved
  • The performance of freeze pane functionality in all grids has been improved
  • Hours in a Day (used to determine Days from Hours or Hours from Days when these are entered in a timesheet) may now be specified on System Parameters in the browser-based PSW
  • You may now use the Import/Export functions on Data Maintenance grids (e.g. in PSW Employee maintenance) regardless of how many tabs you are permitted to see
  • Users of the PSW are no longer returned to empty action lists after submitting, confirming, authorising or reviewing forms or timesheets


Bugs have also been fixed. A list can be found on the Customer Web.

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