systems@work Version 6.1.4

time@work, expense@work and forms@work Version 6.1.4 are now available on the Customer Web.

Version 6.1.4 contains the following enhancements:

  • The following six tables may now be maintained through the browser-based Professional Services Workbench (PSW) – Skill Groups, Skill Values, Measurement Groups, Measurement Values, PSW Help, and PSW Tooltips
  • Special Days may now be imported into Calendars in the PSW making it easier to keep Special Days (usually Public Holidays) up to date across multiple companies
  • The Account Mask field has been increased to 500 characters
  • An option on Planning Profiles enables you to specify that all ‘project participants’ (Employees who have reported time against a Project) will be included, even if with empty rows, in the Project Planning grid
  • Row deletion in Planning Profiles now prompts the user to delete only visible cells or all cells
  • The posting of forms and timesheets in progress into the Unposted Actuals ledger will now post transactions that lack a Project value, substituting a specified dummy Project value
  • Export of Employee Skills in the PSW Employee maintenance page now allows the Include Names option
  • Approval Profiles now allow grouping by Reference (usually Timesheet or Form number) as well as by Project and Employee
  • Time fields from Day Types (e.g. Time 01, Time 02, Earliest Start Time, etc.) may now be used in Calculations with the D, H and M operators
  • Checkboxes have been added to the Form and Timesheet History grids to allow rapid exclusion/inclusion of submitted or authorised/reviewed timesheets and forms
  • Returned forms and timesheets now allow further return, so that, for example, anauthorising Employee to whom a reviewer has returned a form may now return the form to the initiating Employee
  • A lookup has been provided for the specification of Message Note Table variables in the email text for Approval Status Definitions
  • Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Due Date have been enabled as runtime parameters in Invoice Status Inquiries, Invoice Reprint and Invoice Correction and Reversal
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