systems@work Version 6.1.10

time@work, expense@work and forms@work Version 6.1.10 have been released to the Customer Web.

Version 6.1.100 of the systems@work Mobile App has been released to Google Play and to the App Store.

PSW Enhancements:

  • You may now, optionally, specify that Company and Company Name should be shown in lists of forms and timesheets for employees to authorise and review as well as in timesheet and form history lists
  • Where Accounting Period and Timesheet Period Analysis fields are specified as runtime parameters in Planning, Inquiry and other Profiles, you will now be able to select existing values rather than having to enter values such as ‘2018’ or ‘January’
  • Additionally, Accounting Period and Timesheet Period Analysis values may be used as column labels as substitutes for Accounting Period and Timesheet Period in Planning Profile grids
  • Submission messages may now be included in Transmission Texts
  • Transactions may now be excluded from Multiple Invoicing based on Status
  • Timesheets are sorted (when this is specified for a Timesheet Type) only when a timesheet is opened or saved, not when a new line is created
  • A Form Type may now be defined as a default Form Type on Company. This is for use when forms are automatically created following image submission to an email address (requires additional program)
  • Calculation values and Unit values (usually currency codes) may be set as runtime parameters in Profiles in the PSW
  • Open From date, Open To date, Open On date, Document Status, Current Status, Form/Timesheet Number, Form/Timesheet Type and Mobile Source may now be set as runtime parameters in Profiles in the PSW
  • You may now specify that the manual cross rate (exchange rate) override window, that by default opens during form transaction recalculation in the PSW, should not automatically open. This is a system-wide setting on System Parameters.
  • When a form or timesheet is routed, by default, to a closed Employee, it is automatically re-routed to the Employee assigned to the role specified as Administrator Role on System Parameters and a message is sent to the Employee to whom the document belongs
  • Employee Groups may now be imported and exported in the PSW
  • Ledger Export allows you to specify that, when run from the PSW, an export file should be placed in a specific network location (alternatively or additionally to making it available for download by the user to his or her PC)
  • You may now specify that a specific runtime parameter is mandatory in profiles in the PSW. You may also specify that only a single value may be specified.
  • If you are rendering reports using Microsoft Reporting Services, then you must install a new runtime s@w_RS_Runtime_2018.msi which can be obtained from the customer web
  • Status is now available as a determinant (runtime parameter) of Accumulations
  • You may specify the number of decimal positions to which numeric values should be rounded in inquiry grids in the PSW. This ensures consistent alignment and legibility.


The App

  • Fields defined as time activity analysis values are now entered using a time picker 
  • Following Save & Validate Form Header is displayed
  • Employee name is omitted from forms listed as forms at entry stage (since the Employee is always the current one)
  • It is now made more obvious that synchronisation has completed
  • Instead of immediately opening the camera, the user may now choose whether to obtain an image from a device library or use the camera
  • Fields that are empty and disabled by Project or Expense Type are now not shown
  • The App can now support .png images
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