• system@work on the move, travel  

    Capture the time and expenses of your professional services staff in the office or on the move. Plan the disposition of your staff to optimize utilization. Bill your clients rapidly and keep track of client profitability and realization.

  • system@work software for mobile device, tablet  

    Capture travel and other expenses rapidly and accurately. Enforce corporate policy and ensure efficient authorization and reimbursement.

  • forms@work at mobile phone

    Automate workflows for a variety of purposes including employee absence management, sales sample management, procurement and many others.

Technology and integration

Technology and integration

Use any browser on PC, Mac or Mobile for data entry, workflow and reporting, or use our iPhone App for data capture, authorization and notification.

systems@work software is based on Microsoft technology including MS-SQL, IIS and .Net.

Integration is based on XML, XSL and Web Services at application or database level.

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How we deliver

How we deliver

Install systems@work software on your own infrastructure or use it from our hosting servers.

Buy or rent a license, or pay a monthly subscription for hosting.

Our solutions are highly configurable, and the process of implementation involves consulting (finding out your particular needs, and configuring the product, its workflow rules, interfaces and reports, to meet them). We use an ‘agile’ method for implementation, and this work is usually carried out at your premises (though some relatively straightforward projects can be handled remotely).

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Olga Probst

Head of Financial Department
PROMEDICA, Czech Republic

"The introduction of expense@work at our company initially provoked unease in our employees. However, after the first year it turned out that, thanks to this system, the overall expenditure reimbursed to our employees dropped by 40 % and the number of processed receipts decreased by 50 %. Employees are automatically forced clearly to justify every single expense and they have to do it immediately. Moreover, they know that if the expense isn’t legitimate, the division manager won’t approve it, and the expense won’t be reimbursed to them. expense@work provided our sales director with a very effective tool that significantly helped both to decrease our employees’ expenses and increase their efficiency. Even though, after two years of operation, the number of receipts is increasing, we still have our expenses under control."

Andy Tomsett

Project Manager
Corporation of Lloyd’s, UK

"As a Microsoft compliant solution, expense@work was an ideal application to deploy within Lloyd’s. We are particularly happy about the continued development plans for the product and we are confident that expense@work will scale and evolve to meet the changing Information Technology requirements at Lloyd’s."

John Moulson

Head of Finance
Rugby Football Union, UK

"The RFU has to be commercially and financially strong and this requires detailed financial accounting and reporting. The sheer scale of the game today requires a substantial HQ function and we have to be right on top of all of our expenses and admin. If you consider that each year there are over 200,000 games of rugby played and that our marketing structure operates at regional, divisional, national and international levels, you will appreciate that there is a huge amount of paper and receipts to process each month. It is vital that we run an efficient business in order to maximise the amount of revenue that we can reinvest back into the game. expense@work allows us to eliminate manual expense claims and to manage staff resources more effectively and will yield significant cost savings. Furthermore the high level of reporting that it offers will support us in achieving excellence in every aspect."

Dirk Van Hove

Operations Director
Itineris, Belgium

"In order to cover every functional area in the business, several applications coexisted at Itineris. For example, services billing was generated through interfaces from project schedules and time records. The main objective of the time@work project was to shorten the ‘time to cash’ cycle, to improve reporting and enable greater efficiency in the calculation of hours worked for each customer."

Marina Nekrasova

Treasury Operations
Roche, Russia

"Accuracy in expense reporting has improved significantly. Reports are viewed online, and corrections are made more rapidly. All necessary documents are provided more quickly. We have reduced the time spent on approving and correcting forms by about 50%. expense@work is absolutely user-friendly and very easy to use. During the first month or two users had various questions about which button to use, etc., but after this initial period, there was no problem at all in using it."

  • Olga Probst Head of Financial Department
    PROMEDICA, Czech Republic
  • Andy Tomsett Project Manager
    Corporation of Lloyd’s, UK
  • John Moulson Head of Finance
    Rugby Football Union, UK
  • Dirk Van Hove Operations Director
    Itineris, Belgium
  • Marina Nekrasova Treasury Operations
    Roche, Russia

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    Version 6.2.3 has been released.

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    Version 6.2.2 has been released.

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