systems@work App Privacy Policy


  1. Product Ownership
    1. The systems@work App is developed by and owned by systems@work s.r.o., a company registered in the Czech Republic.
    2. The systems@work App extends three business-oriented client-server software products developed by systems@work s.r.o. – time@work, expense@work and forms@work.
    3. These products are licensed both directly and through a network of resellers to end users (businesses and other organisations) around the world.
  2. Data
    1. The systems@work App enables employees, customers, and subcontractors of licensed end users to submit forms and authorize forms containing data such as expenses, absence requests, sales, time spent on projects, and any other data appropriate to forms configured by licensed end users using time@work, expense@work and forms@work
    2. Data are stored in MS SQL databases and document folders (images, documents, etc.)
    3. Licensed end users of systems@work software products manage their own databases and folders on their own premises, or using subcontracted IT infrastructure, or access databases hosted by systems@work or by resellers of systems@work software products
  3. Consent
    1. In all cases licensed end users are data controllers and accept full responsibility for the data they store in systems@work databases.
    2. Licensed end users of systems@work software are therefore, as data controllers, required to obtain the consent of their employees, customers and subcontractors to the storage of data submitted by users of the systems@work App, ensure its protection, enable its deletion if this is legitimately requested and to notify the appropriate authorities of any notifiable breaches of security.
    3. systems@work is obliged to provide the software tools and/or support to ensure that licensed end users can discharge their responsibilities in respect of privacy, protection and breach notification
  4. Provision of data to third parties
    1. The systems@work App optionally passes images (and only images) submitted through the systems@work App to Google for the purposes of OCR so that the systems@work App can then insert data into fields in forms (note that end users may opt not to use OCR). In all other respects data submitted through the systems@work App remain entirely and only under the control of the licensed end user.
    2. If the licensed end user provides data submitted through the systems@work App to any third party it does so at its own discretion and is presumed to have obtained permission from its users to do so
  5. App user rights
    1. Licensed end users are required to comply with all regulations relating to the rights of systems@work App users to request deletion of their data
  6. Updates to this Privacy Policy
    1. Licensed end users will be notified by email of any changes to this or any other privacy policy related to use of the systems@work App


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