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Sector characteristics

A mixture of project-oriented work and ad-hoc work (often on retainer basis)

Complex fees differing from Client to Client

A need to record and print textual notes made by each lawyer

Need to record time to nearest 6 minute increments or less

Need to retain work-in-progress, often for years, before invoicing

Need to monitor utilization and fees earned by lawyer

Need for careful review of invoices before sending to client

Need for ‘draft’ invoice capability so that revenue is not recorded until payment is assured

Need to capture third-party expenses for rebilling (sometimes third-party specialist legal advice)

Need to capture phone and copying expenses

Need to utilize high security for confidential client data

Sector challenges

Potentially uneven staff utilization

Non-payment by client or customer fee refusal

Insufficient documentation to justify fees

Lengthy cases with intermittent activity

systems@work benefits

Can handle complex fee structures

Can handle expense data import from external systems (copier, etc.)

Can hold invoices in draft form indefinitely

Enables the capture of text during timesheet entry. Text is available to print on reports and invoices

Can combine (or separate) expense billing from time-based invoices

Can retain work-in-progress indefinitely

Enables complex modifications to invoices with full audit capability

Can capture time in the units needed (six minute or even one minute increments)




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