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IT & Telecoms

Sector characteristics

Project-oriented and service-oriented work – some large, phased projects, some short, some continuous

Varied pricing: Time and Material, Fixed-Price – milestone based

Occasional need to capture % complete at Project or Task level

Variable utilization – some long, some short assignments

Extensive work at client site

Wide ranging staff skills

Need to forecast staff utilization

Continuous danger of overrun

Complex dependencies in project planning

Continuous quality and overrun issues on development

Sector challenges

High risk of unprofitability on fixed price projects

Vulnerability to external technical issues

Extensive time spent on corrections

High risk of overrun

Frequency of ‘scope creep’

systems@work benefits

Enables analysis of actuals against budget

Enables capture of current % completion and retain information for historical analysis

Enables analysis of project and client profitability and realization

Enables analysis by sector, client, grade, role, project, location, etc.

Enables capture of staff skills matrix

Integrates with Microsoft Project

Can handle multiple project types: fixed-price, time and material, etc.

Enables correct revenue recognition

Can manage complex fee and cost matrices

Can combine (or separate) expense billing from time-based invoicing

Can manage staff availability and planning


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