Our Development Philosophy

systems@work solutions are configurable rather than modifiable at source-code level (source code is not supplied). The system is built on the foundation of a multi-company, multi-currency and multi-lingual database. 

Software systems come in many kinds, but broadly there are those where software code is supplied, enabling end-users and resellers to modify the underlying database and code, and there are those where adaptation to a customer’s needs is achieved through parameterisation and configuration, without underlying software modification. We have chosen the latter approach, and systems@work is essentially a set of tools for the creation of documents of various kinds (timesheets, forms, invoices, plans), workflow rules, sequences of definable calculations, and a set of 170 user-definable fields. Using this approach we have set out to build a generic professional services, expense, and forms management system capable of adaptation to the needs of many different types of organisation.

Implementation involves the configuration of components such as:

  • Document Types
  • Workflow Rules
  • Calculation Sequences
  • Value Tables (for fees, costs, tax rates, etc.)
  • 170 User-Definable Analytical Dimensions
  • Reports and Inquiries
  • Roles
  • Authorization and Approval Conditions
  • Export and Import Profiles
  • Terminology
  • User Definitions and Access Rights

Technical Infrastructure

MS SQL database. .Net and ASP.NET. Integration using XML, XSL and Web Services. Accounting Interfaces to SunSystems, Dynamics Great Plains, AX, NAV, SAP, Sage.

  • SQL Server
  • IIS8

Mobile Technology

The systems@work App for iPhone and Android provides an offline and online mechanism for the capture and authorization of data, photos, and voice memos. The App works with time@work, expense@work and forms@work configurations by downloading Form Types and data from your server to your mobile. Any Form Type may be enabled for App use in a full or simplified form, and a form requiring authorization may also be made available on your mobile. Data lists such as Clients, Projects, Tasks, Activities, Expense Types, and Currency Codes are synchronised automatically.

Note that Form Types also provide a mechanism for the capture of time, with consolidation of time reports into Timesheets for completion and submission through a browser.

  • App reference
  • App reference
  • App reference
  • App reference
  • App reference


Integration based on XML, XSL and Web Service technology

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