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Version 7.0 Profile Manager

systems@work is today announcing the release of systems@work Software Version 7.0 for Infor SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Business Central, SAP, Coda, Workday and NetSuite.

Version 7.0 is a milestone release and marks a significant advancement in our journey to being a 100% browser based solution for both our on-premise and cloud clients. This version also contains a number of enhancements as well as bug corrections (details of which are in the Release Notes on the Customer Web):

What’s in Version 7.0?

The highlight of this release is the introduction of the brand-new Profile Manager for the Cloud. This innovation represents a major step forward in our commitment to enhancing your experience with systems@work software. A major new version of the mobile App has also been released and is now available on the Apple and Google mobile platforms.


Introducing the Profile Manager

Version 7.0 features the initial release of the browser-based systems@work Profile Manager. This powerful tool is set to gradually replace the current desktop application used for creating and managing profiles, including Inquiry Profiles, Ledger Modification Profiles, and Invoice Data Profiles, among others.

Streamlining Your Workflow

Once the new systems@work Profile Manager is fully implemented, it will mark a pivotal moment as we transition away from desktop components entirely. This shift not only signifies our dedication to keeping pace with the latest technology trends but also facilitates smoother deployment, both in the cloud and on-premise.


What Can You Expect?

With this first version of the Version 7 Profile Manager, you’ll have the capability to seamlessly create and manage Inquiry Profiles directly through your web browser. This improvement is designed to enhance your efficiency and make your experience with systems@work software even more user-friendly.

A New Mobile Experience

Version 7.0 also includes a new app for Version 7.0 and higher databases and is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. This new version of the App contains further substantial graphical and usability improvements. In addition we have now included ‘Approvals’ as a workflow option within the App (in addition to ‘Authorisation’ and ‘Review’).



The app also now allows one of our most requested features, namely the ability to have form level as well as line-level attachments as part of the mobile workflow.
Another significant enhancement in the App is support for Azure AD. This addition offers seamless integration with Azure AD’s robust identity and access management capabilities. With Azure AD support, you can now enjoy enhanced security and simplified authentication processes, making your experience with the systems@work 7.0 App even more efficient and secure.

How to Get Started

To learn about migrating to Version 7 (either as an On Premise or Cloud deployment) please contact the systems@work Team. 

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