Expense Management

Control your expenses whatever your industry

expense@work provides configured expense management to suit your own authorization processes, policies, accounting requirements and analytical needs.

  • Single or multi-currency, single or multi-company, your own terminology or multi-lingual.
  • Cash, mileage, daily allowance and other expenses. Credit card and travel statement import.
  • Interfaces with any accounting system.
  • Distance calculation using BING Mileage Web Services.
  • Exchange rates via Web Services.

Record expenses

Using expense@work’s tailored forms.

Scan and attach expense invoices and receipts

Automate authorization and review processes

Using expense@work’s rule-based document workflow engine.

Import credit card and travel statements

Using expense@work’s flexible import tool.

Export transactions to your accounting system

Using expense@work’s flexible export module, creating text, XML and other file formats for immediate or scheduled import.

Teammate working together on a computer

Accounting journals

systems@work constructs accounting journals using account codes associated with Employees, Projects, Companies and other analytical items such as Departments/Cost Centres/Tax Codes/Products, etc. Such codes and their placement on systems@work entities is configurable.

Any configured calculation

Values may include any configured calculation such as Net Value, Tax Value, Gross Value, as well as other values destined for non-monetary accounts.

Multiple charts

Multiple charts of accounts are possible in a multi-company implementation.

Multiple currencies

Multiple base currencies are also possible.


Journals are typically generated for, but are not limited to, expense forms, invoices, work in progress, purchase invoices, etc.

Easy transactions reconciliation

Transactions exported from systems@work may be tagged with batch numbers to enable reconciliation.

Multiple export format

Journals are generated in a variety of formats including text and XML and may be posted through file transfer or by consumption of web services.

Auto synchronization

Account codes in your accounting system can be synchronized with systems@work.

systems@work deployment

Learn more about systems@work technology and how we implement


Based on XML, XSL and Web Service technology


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